Monday, March 17, 2014

Yoga in Harmony with Horses
day one afternoon
As part of the week long retreat we include an afternoon of snorkelling in the clear warm waters of the Caribbean.  We had the most amazing experience yesterday snorkelling just off the point of Cahuita.  We were literally in the middle of hundreds of fish as we and they drifted above a large coral shelf.  We saw little fish, big fish, striped fish, polka dotted fish, sea cucumbers, and even a manta ray!!  It was like being in a National Geographic show. 
Our wonderfully friendly and skilled guide then took us to a secluded beach where we had fresh pineapple to take the salt taste from our mouth. 
All in all a wonderful experience.
For more information and pictures see Kindredspiritscr. com or my web page,

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Yoga in Harmony with Horses, daily journal
First day of our retreat Yoga in harmony with horses; we are blessed to have Linda with us on our yoga journey with horses. We had a wonderful opening ceremony in the yoga shala followed by a magical session with the horses in their pasture. We sat quietly in different corners of the pasture, sharing the horses's space and energy. The horses shared their love with us by coming close to us as th...ey grazed.
On a personal note I have had 2 days of RA pain in my arm and Anya, the mare, came to me, shared her healing energy with me, and I feel much better. What a beautiful gift I was given today.

Now we are off to do some snorkelling and then a nice PM yoga session to help us reflect on all our blessings,
Namaste, Corinne
Thank you to Terry of Magellan Inn, Cahuita and for their wonderful horses.