Thursday, January 29, 2015

Yoga in Harmony retreats
  • *to offer all who seek a place and a path to find the quiet beauty of their soul and share this realization with others.
  • *to inspire people to rediscover the passion for life
  • * to learn acceptance of the self.
Yoga offers the path and the final destination by showing us how to “still the mind” and horses help show us the way. They teach, give, and bring freedom and by learning how to interact with the horse, in an open & honest way, we acquire the tools to manage our own lives with honesty, staying true to who we are. We lose the facade and become the real person, the one the horse sees and knows.
Our facilitators in yoga, healing energies, meditation, herbal and essential oils, are all known in their fields and live in  Costa Rica.  They draw upon the healing energies found on the Caribbean coast of Costa RIca and in harmony with the wisdom and traditions of the Bribri indigenous tribes.
In our  Therapy Retreats, we choose our workshops and activities to offer guidance.   Each encounter should bring a new insight into ourselves, and guide us to live our lives with more ease.  Our relationships with others will take on new meanings as well,  allowing us to be more in touch with our true feelings.
In a natural, peaceful setting, we combine these workshops with the relaxation practices of yoga, meditation and massage. What we offer is not only a retreat holiday, but an experience to carry forward into your daily life armed with the tools, knowledge, experience, and calm mind to enrich your life.
**Our  retreats offer re-connection,  healing,  shifting consciousness and raising personal and universal vibration.Our mission is to bring peace, harmony & balance to the body, mind and soul.
**Our mission to horses, to animals, to nature, Mother Earth and all living Beings is to bring love, respect & connection.
**In our community we work at bringing awareness of how to care for and respect the animals we have and the nature around us.

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