Saturday, March 28, 2015

As a retreat guide what I learn while “on the job.”

Every time we offer our Yoga in Harmony with Horses retreats ( that is me and Terry Lillian Newton of Kindred Spirits) we gain just as much or more than our guests.  In our most recent retreat I received the gift of letting go of my inner dis-harmonies and realized the joy that act gave me.

We had just ridden one and a half hours in the morning sun through countryside and steep hills.  With the help of our ever cheerful volunteer we unsaddled the horses and left them in a shady spot as we hiked through the jungle to the hidden waterfalls and pond.  Our guests marveled at the verdant foliage and jungle noises.

Upon reaching the waterfalls we cooled off in the pond and started to have fun and connection with yoga poses. It was when we reached the large boulders and tall tree growing literally in the middle of the creek that I found my yoga.

waterall yoga 3.gif
Once we settled into our individual meditations I began to simultaneously chant OM.  I felt the vibrations of this primordial and spiritual sound resonate deep in my lower chakras and rise up to my heart chakra.  I was in the moment, my thoughts and body in a state of calm and relaxed awareness. 
 Peace and Harmony

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