Sunday, March 1, 2015

Waterhole Rituals with Linda Salinas: finding true connection with your horse when he is at liberty and allowed to be in full expression

Horses at liberty, no tack, no restraints, they are free to make their own choices, to decide if they will interact with us or not.

Horses at liberty:  a beautiful concept.  How do you view your horse?  More importantly how does he view you?  Is he always in a halter and tack when you interact with him?  Does your horse have the joy and freedom to just be a horse when he is with you?  

With the spectacular background of Volcano Arenal  we sit in a meditation circle to begin our day

The Water Hole Rituals, formualted by Carolyn Resnick, are a simple and elegant group of behaviors that people can emulate with their horses to forge and enhance their connections to them.  The premise of the rituals, as I interpret them, is to 1.  allow your horse full expression at all times, and 2.  to abide by the "rules" of herd behavior, that is we take on the role of lead mare.

As lead mare we are charged with the responsibility to protect and lead our herd, at all times.  How does a lead mare guide her herd?  She guides from behind, with clarity, integrity, and swiftness.  Horses are prey animals and herd animals.  They are on the look out for predators and they are searching for the security of a lead mare to keep them safe.  

Once a shy horse, leery of human contact, Apache now  seeks contact, he trusts his curiosity to initiate and maintain connection

Linda Salinas guided, coached and encouraged us in a 5 day clinic to appreciate and learn how to "lead" our herd.  In order to lead your herd you first  make a connection with your horse.   When he initiates the contact he is in full expression of his freedom of choice.  We can build upon that first contact to deepen our connection so that he sees us as the source of security and comfort, and  joy and play.  As a yoga practitioner I like to look at this as the true Yoga expression of Union.  In Yoga this union is often expressed as the union of body, mind, and spirit.  There is harmony and a connectedness among all things.  

Two curious beings

What do we do with this connection?  Well, that is up to you.  The rituals are tools to help us connect with our horse.  Whether you are a competitive or casual rider,  this true connection will enhance all your activities together.  Your horse will be your happy and willing partner, always curious to see what next fun adventure you two will have, whether in the competition arena or the trail, or your backyard.


To learn more about the Water Hole Rituals see Carolyn Resnick and Linda Salinas.